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Holy hell, who made that pre-loader?

I have a question

If Eric just shut his site down, what good would that do you? Honestly, I am not a fan of ebaums world and I agree he is a jerk for slapping his water mark on stuff, but it seems as though you are just dishing out spite with no motive. Please, tell me your reasoning for wanting to shut down ebaums world.

I can't argue with that

Now, at first I was kind of mad about this, because I submitted something just like it. But after watching it, I can't help but give this thing a 10. In the unlikely event that your flash drew inspiration from mine, you did a better job. I liked it dude.

Oomba responds:

Thanks man. I hadnt seen yours, but I like it.


No, Call me ;)

New Perspective

Last yeah I had to read Faust for school, and personally, I thought it sucked. You on the other hand have given me a new perspective on that old German Epic. Mephisto looked 10 kinds of awesome by the way. Only reason I'm not saying it was a 10 was because the voices could be a bit cheesy at times, but I know what it's like trying to do voice acting, and it 's not easy. Keep up the good work dude, the movies perfectly parallel the sparknotes. =)

boting 5, but you must hea me out.

although the movie sucked, it was still 10/5 worthy. Why? the music, that song was awesome. I have to know the name to that masterpeice and inreturn All my 5 are belong to you.


That was teh coolest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. Me and my brothers sat here for 30 minutes ROFLing not to mention LOLing. You can't look him in the eyes without almost crying in laughter. ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS!!!11/

Sweet sweet randomness

I laughed, I cryed, I spilled skalding hot coffee all over my brand new pants. It was masterfull (though a background would have been nice).

ZE-RO responds:

Thanks. I Might Edit this one after I make a few "Willie The Retard" Movies

its newgrounds worthy

what you need is some voice hardware to record whatever voices you want. and the backgrounds was nice, but it looked thrown together, make it look nicer.


Um... you do know that is final fantasy VI, and there was no background. Need i say more?

I am an adult now.

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